The Affordable Quality Saw Manufacturer

Welcome! This woodworking machinery website is operated by the saw manufacturer so you may learn about our saws, and request a price quote from a distributor near you via email on any saw with the options you select.

Our goal is to manufacture the highest-quality woodworking saws at affordable prices compared to our competition. Using the latest technology, our saws are designed to save you money by saving lumber and time.

Founded in 1960, Kuang Yung is an award-winning woodworking machinery manufacturer of high-quality industrial CNC Cut-Off Saws, CNC Multiple Rip Saws, Multiple Rips Saws, and Straight Line Rip Saws. Our innovative computer numerically controlled (CNC) saws are designed to be the labor efficient, cost-saving way to rapidly cut high-volumes of wood parts.

Our products are sold world-wide under the Kuang Yung and other brand names.

CE and ISO 9001 Certification

In order to fulfill our belief and satisfy every requirement from our customers, we have established a "quality system" based on the standards of ISO 9001. Also, we have set up a "Quality Manual" as the guideline of "quality system", "management operation procedure" and "operation standard" to ensure the quality system keeps working effectively and improving continuously.

Many of our woodworking saws are manufacturered as CE models to comply with legal requirements in the countries within the European Economic Area (EEA).

Saw Manufacturer History

Kuang Yung founded as a commercial saw manufacturer.

Main market for saws: local Taiwan.

Main market for saws expands: Taiwan and U.S.A. (Heavy-duty DIY machine). Southeast Asia saw market was emerging at this time.

Main market for saws: Asia (90% of total sales). Focused initially on production of Multiple Rip Saws and Straight Line Rip Saws.

Entered the North America and Europe woodworking machinery markets.

1997 Developed CNC Cut-Off Saw.

Main market for saws has expanded worldwide: Asia (40%) and North America (35% of total sales.) Adopted the new saw brand - "Primo" brand to market our CE saw products to Europe.

Developed CNC Rip Saw.

Over 50 agents and dealers to market our woodworking machines all over the world.