Laser Scan MRS340 Rip System

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Laser Scan MRS340 Rip System

Laser Scan MRS340 Rip System

Features of Laser Scan MRS340 Rip System

Movable Gang Rip Saw with One or Two Powered Moving Saws

Kuang Yung proudly presents  the Laser Scan Multiple Rip Saws (MRS) System;a leading edge ripping solution for solid wood. Laser Scan MRS System offers profit optimization by reducing labor and increase yield.

  • 100% American designed and developed scan system.
  • Over a decade of success with more than 100 sets sold in US.
  • Easy to operate, learn, update and maintain with multi-language window operating system such as English and Chinese.
  • Rip5~6 lumbers (3.6m each) per minutes. (The results may vary according to perdormance of operate, timber length, and feeding speed.)
  • 7~10% increase in yield.
  • Uniquely designed auto skew system, which provides 2~3% yield more than original fixed fence.
  • Our system allows customer to do simulation based on rip width, giving the best saw width combination to customer for material saving.
  • Provide production report, which include yield, quantity, total length, and cubic Ft, and allow user easily to manage production, control inventory, and calculate cost.
  • Allow single operator to control loads and defects.
  • The Skew operating position is on the side of the saw and out of harms way from kickbacks.

Skew Specification


     Attach 2 movable lasers and 1 fixed laser.
     Attach timer scan / production simulatie/ production log / yield.. etc. information system.
     Attach 12 electric sensor scanner.
     Auto skewing system.
     Sensor reaction range :
              Min. length :                                                                                                                                                                     4'
              Max. length :                                                                                                                                                                    12'
              Max thickness :                                                                                                                                                              50mm / 90mm(special requirement)
              Max. width :                                                                                                                                                                     340mm


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